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Summoning of Spirits

Posted by Ad on March 10, 2009

Just wanted to plug the new OCReMix album release, Summoning of Spirits. I’m enjoying it. I think you would too. While typing this I’ve got Dhsu’s and Anthony Lofton’s Sweet Dreams playing, a nice sax+piano track.

Haven’t yet gone over all the tracks thoroughly, but I’ve found a few favorites. Rexy’s Gentry Is A Five Letter Word is in 5/4… which would be enough for me to like it, but then it’s also nice and relaxing. I’m digging Usa’s Desert Nights as well. Never thought I’d pick a disco track for one of my favorites, but here’s one that I like.

The Final Fantasy IV album project should be out later this spring, and I’ve got a track on there. Things have been moving slow on OCReMix lately, but I hope to have a few more tracks under my name by summer. The MMX track I mention last post is submitted now, so I’ll just be waiting for something to appear on the front page some time soon.

In the mean time, I should select some tracks for my mini-tour and make sure to have those in a near-finished state so I can play them.

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