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Mass Media Constant

Posted by Ad on April 13, 2009

My half-acquaintance from ocremix zircon has been in ocremix news lately, making ocremix headlines (well, a thread title) by having a track used prominently in Heroes on TV. Licencing ftw.

Been listening a lot to Mass Media Constant, his latest album a bit lately. Not very expensive, and all cool tracks, definitely something I’ll try to learn from.

This post isn’t all about zircon, Steffan Andrews was interviewed by ocremix staff and I realized we’re about the same age. He’s done music for video games, films, and TV. zircon is younger and has also got some impressive credits, and skills.

And then there’s me, with little or no professional credits, little or no pro-level skill, little or no music education… Makes me feel like I’m a bit too late to try to get into the industry.

With music having never been cheaper to produce, there is an abundance of music, and everything is more or less available everywhere anyway thanks to the net. I should be smart and pick a profession that won’t run out of jobs any time soon. But I want to work in music.

“Those who can’t do, teach” some say. Hm…

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Video Game Composer

Posted by Ad on April 2, 2009

Yup, that’s what I am… or rather, what I will be when the games are done. If they get done.

One of my RL friends is involved in one, and I suggested I could make music for it. Yep, I don’t get paid, but that’s fine. Once I’ve made music for a couple of games I’ve got something to show and might get work on paid composing jobs. Maybe.

The other one is an OCR collab composing project. I volunteered to coordinate it _after_ ppl had started to work on their tracks, so my job is now to try to get everything together and turn it more cohesive. That, and to make a track that fits. First thing I did when I got the position of coordinator/director/whatever was to  deem my own track unfit. Still gotta work out how to get the sound right, but I don’t want to abandon my cool, more classic platformer arrangement. 😦 I’m afraid I’ll have to, tho.

That, the Seiken Densetsu 3 remix project (which is progressing nicely, thanks for reading about it), the Pokémon remix project (yep, got a track there), the Mega Man 4 remix project (just joined there too), the Boss Themes project (yep, I’m there), and… where else… 

Well, I’ve got music projects galore, meaning any original works for my planned little tour of freiends’ homes might not get done for a while, so no such tour will be done for a while either… unless I just mix my old tracks better. I’ve got a lot of those.

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