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Mass Media Constant

Posted by Ad on April 13, 2009

My half-acquaintance from ocremix zircon has been in ocremix news lately, making ocremix headlines (well, a thread title) by having a track used prominently in Heroes on TV. Licencing ftw.

Been listening a lot to Mass Media Constant, his latest album a bit lately. Not very expensive, and all cool tracks, definitely something I’ll try to learn from.

This post isn’t all about zircon, Steffan Andrews was interviewed by ocremix staff and I realized we’re about the same age. He’s done music for video games, films, and TV. zircon is younger and has also got some impressive credits, and skills.

And then there’s me, with little or no professional credits, little or no pro-level skill, little or no music education… Makes me feel like I’m a bit too late to try to get into the industry.

With music having never been cheaper to produce, there is an abundance of music, and everything is more or less available everywhere anyway thanks to the net. I should be smart and pick a profession that won’t run out of jobs any time soon. But I want to work in music.

“Those who can’t do, teach” some say. Hm…


One Response to “Mass Media Constant”

  1. Hey this is IsolinearMoogle from OCRemix. You gave me some good advice today, so I wanted to return the favor since you seem a little down. Music can be a tough profession, because unlike a lot of other jobs, you can be constantly reminded of musicians who are better than you. Obviously, you have to be skilled as a musician. But, the not-so-obvious key to success, in my opinion, is self-marketing. Any musician anywhere can make money by convincing somebody that they’re good enough to pay for — whether it’s as a recording artist, a live performer, a producer, a teacher, a writer, etc.

    I’m about your age, too, and I’ve definitely entertained the “I’m too old to start” worry before — actually, with OCRemix. There are so many young writers on that site. But, when you think about the average lifespan these days, and the fact that musicians are often judged more heavily by the quality of their product than themselves, it is not too late by a long shot.

    “Those who can’t do, teach” — Like any saying, this is in some ways true and in some ways not. Most teachers I know have a great deal of skill in their subject, and their professions would be overall worse off without their expertise. Teaching is a GREAT way to make money as a musician. Everybody wants to learn to play guitar. Everybody wants their kid to learn to play piano. If I knew somebody locally who offered lessons in ReMixing, I’d hire them in a heartbeat. Put yourself out there, and you will see results.

    I love your second-to-last paragraph here. There are so many musicians that feel that way. But the ones with sisu (yay Suomi) stick with it. I hope you continue to stick with it!

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