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Echoes of Betrayal, Light of Redemption, CD1

Posted by Ad on July 23, 2009

That’s the name of the remix album I contributed to. Lemme share some thoughts about it. As I’m kind’a bored at the moment, there’ll be a lot of thoughts to share. ๐Ÿ˜€

Nutritious is full of it. By ‘it’ I mean the opening track is his “Full of Courage”. It’s a grand, majestic, epic orchestral thingy, and it’s followed by the march-rock “The Might of Baron” by audio fidelity. March-rock is the best way to describe it, methinks. It has orchestral parts, electric guitar, but more importantly: boot percussion. Then comes AeroZ’ Overture – Tellah’s Prophecy, which is synths+real cello. Weird combination, but a nice track.

Then comes Avaris’ Journey to Solace, perhaps a Journey to Silius reference/pun. The track is an orchestra and synth hybrid with a heavy feel to it. When working on the project, I saw he used the same source as I did, and was a bit concerned about the competition. The two tracks are fortunately very different, and complete each other. More about how awesome my track is later.

Then comes crazy song from crazy remixer/judge/composer robot. Mostly real hardware synths, old stuff, and it sounds awesome. Ana(pro)logue, by Another Soundscape. orchestral next, with John Revoredo’s The Flying Machine, which is another one of those majestic tracks. This one is more percussive than Nutri’s opening piece. next is Mazedude’s Read the Sine, all sine wave instruments, with various effects and stuff. I’d describe it as simple amazing, which is a pun in so many ways.

Cyril the Wolf’s track Emerald beauty is number 8 on the first cd, and is a beautiful rendition of Rydia with a somewhat casual and down-to-Earth feel, unlike the mostly bombastic, artificial, and/or grandiose tracks so far. The follows 5 minutes of noise… I mean, a Children of the Monkey Machine track, an stunning, creepy atmospheric track, which is pretty much what you’d expect from him considering his other remixes. Apparently, audio fidelity did something there as well.

Tweek, with Of Fiend and Man, does something very fitting with a battle track – he makes it rock. Orchestral parts, electric guitar and drums, aggressive all the way. And it’s appropriately enough followed by an interlude based on the victory jingle by DragonAvenger. Naming a track Yay! earns her a few more points. ๐Ÿ˜€

Moving on to level 99 and audiofidelity’s The Skies Holds No Angels For Us, the intro of which makes me think of Maridia in Super Metroid. Apparently a commonly used intro melody, since I know it from Seiken Densetsu 3 as well. This is a rock track, without all the synths and orchestral parts other tracks utilize.

Edward’s Dream Quartet is next, and it’s a beautiful, emotive arrangement and performance by Abadoss and James George, respectively iirc. personally, I like the 5:40 part most, perhaps because it stands out so much more, being mostly pizzicato. From classical acoustic instruments to hard electronica, next comes bLiNd’s Golbez ‘N Goblins, a catchy and pounding track that keeps popping into my head when there’s no other music around.

Even more amazing is what OA, Nutritious, and The Fabul Men’s Choir formed for the occasion over the net have in Latin vocals, various world music, orchestral and rock instrumentation. Fighting For Tomorrow. Sempre Fabul. And fabulous it is. Like with the track before, everyone in my house must have heard it by now, it’s one of few tracks I’m not happy with just playing normally, it’s gotta be loud.

That’s CD one. So far it’s amazing, and there are some incredible tracks on the other CDs as well. The album is available for download via ocremix’ website and the Echoes subsite. You should get it. It’s amazing. I’m on it. ๐Ÿ˜€


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