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Getting pro-er

Posted by Ad on September 2, 2009

Apparently, a game I did sound effects for –  for free, unfortunately 😉 – was on gamescom recently. A student from a media design school posted on ocremix about needing music and sound effects, and i said I could help out. Feels great to play the game, hearing my own sounds. Yeah, just sounds, I did no music for that game.

The game is basically a rock-paper-scissors RTS game. I need to play a bit more, learn how it works. Currently I’m not doing too well. Need to figure out how to capture bases. I might post a link to the game once they’ve implemented a few currently missing features and possibly added more sound effects. 😀

So now I can say I’ve got a toe in the door of video game audio… Doesn’t feel significant enough to say I’ve got a foot in the door, but a toe… yeah, no doubt about that. 😀 A step in the right direction.


One Response to “Getting pro-er”

  1. djpretzel said

    Thanks for the Zelda 64 mix – we just posted it as part of our 10yr anniversary flood – and thanks for your contributions & feedback on the workshop forums!

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