Rozovian’s Music Log

Having a pro moment

Posted by Ad on January 28, 2010

No, nothing big and profitable. Unfortunately. 😀 Just a short student animation that I now saw a clip from with my music. I had scored it to an earlier rendered version with low resolution, so to see it big and shiny was cool.

On one hand, I’m starting to feel I don’t have what it takes for the music industry, at least as a composer. On the other hand… this was easy. Had a short deadline, but made an ok score in time. And it didn’t feel difficult (despite that it was tricky to get the ideas out and to try to time things to the cuts).

If it ends up on youtube I’ll link it. Later. If I remember. Maybe.

Working on one of my secret projects has taught me how important context is. With that project I’m having a hard time making the music really sound right for the setting. Despite Omnisphere’s gazillion sounds I can’t get it right. Must be the arrangement that’s causing trouble. just don’t know how to fix it. Oh well…

Too many projects, not enough profit. Can’t take on a new practice project until I’ve cleared some others, either. Been meaning to rip scenes from various shows and movies and try scoring those, see how it ends up being. Well, once I clear some of the projects out of the way, maybe.


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