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Home, komplete, stuff…

Posted by Ad on April 18, 2010

No, not yet. Still stuck in England.

We currently have our trip back planned to Brussels so far, trying to get from there a step closer. I’m hoping we’d get to Rostock and from there by ferry straight to Helsinki. Another option is to travel through Denmark and Sweden, but that’s imo unnecessary trouble. Not sure which route is faster tho, but ferry from Rostock to Helsinki would be the easiest.

I’m far from my music computer so I can’t do much work on any of the projects I’m involved in. Bummer, as the rap beats I’m making for my friends would be nice to update for their competition finals. Nothing I can do about that now.

I miss my music setup, and my new software… did I mention I have Komplete? 😀

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London, school, stuff…

Posted by Ad on April 10, 2010

No, not yet. Going later.

I’ve gotten a lot of music projects out of the way, but some of them still weigh me down. I guess I can share some quick thoughts about them:

Rap beats for a couple of friends. Fun to try something new, but it’s really not a style I’m used to. Makes it difficult.

Two remix projects I’m involved in. Neither remix is turning out as I wanted it to, and they’re both using some big plugins so they make the whole computer run slow. I should just extract the midi, write them with terrible instruments, then move the midi back in. That’s actually not a bad idea. Hm…

Seiken Densetsu 3 Remix Project – Songs of Light and Darkness Lost and Borked Files. I’m starting to hate it. Way more trouble than it’s worth. Stupid Rozo, promised to run it and cover all the tracks. No more promises. I promise.

What else… yeah, Pokémon remix project, need to fix those. Assorted non-project mixes. Need to downprioritize those. Bionic Commando… I’m not happy with it, should redo it. I have a lot better sounds now. Just need to re-render the drums and replace the audio, that might be enough. Oh and take off the limiters from every friggin’ track in it and most of my other slightly older works.

And I should apply for schools. You see how big a priority that is for me.

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