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maybe I need a muse

Posted by Ad on May 25, 2010

Okay so, the last few… ugh, months, really, I’ve been having a hard time finishing any tracks. I’ve got some plans for original albums, small vgm remix albums, and of course finished the project tracks I’ve promised ppl. Ugh, promises.

That got me thinking… I sometimes write better just because someone inspires me. I wrote my Bionic Commando track by listening to Rebecca Mayes’ take on the new Bionic Commando game. Which reminds me, the remix isn’t actually done yet, I was gonna redo the drums. *sigh*

I always thought I was a bit of an asocial person, but I’m generally more energetic and inspired when I’m around ppl a lot. Maybe it’s cuz my mind wants to run away from the impersonal crowd and into something personal, like music. Or maybe I’m motivated ad inspired by ppl.

So, I need a muse. And a job. 😀

Maybe I should just pick some random person that I know or know of and see where that takes me. maybe I can finally finish that memory-hogging process-clogging time signature experiment for the BadAss project. lol. To think I considered finishing it for bLiNd’s tribute album. It’s _still_ not done. I need more memory for Omnisphere.

Also, I made it home from England without much of a problem. It cost my dad a bit to rent cars tho. Fortunately, I’m not paying. Unfortunately, I don’t have that kind of money anyway. Anybody with money and who need music for something interested in hiring me for something? Anyone? Hello?

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