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Should get a job in the industry

Posted by Ad on July 19, 2010

It’s 3 PM. Just woke up and had breakfast/lunch. I went to bed 7 AM. Technically, I went to bed around 1 AM, couldn’t sleep, did stuff, tried again, couldn’t sleep, did more stuff etc…

So what kept me up? Sirlin Games’ characters, Caesar II, and the idea of a survival game I wanna make. As if I could. I dug up Caesar II the other day, having fun with it. I suck at these kinds of management games, but I still like seeing the city and stuff grow. The survival game idea/sketch is something I’d like to make some day, so I’m keeping quiet about how it works.

Sirlin’s characters tho… I’ve been reading his blog and articles from time to time, and came across his Fantasy Strike characters. I wrote music for them. I know he’s got someone already, and it’s probably ocremix, but I don’t care. I had fun. 😀

Anyway, with stuff revolving a lot around games and stuff, I’m thinking I should just learn programming and start making crappy looking games with decent gameplay and awesome music. I got nothing better to do anyway.

Just gotta learn to program. *sigh*

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Quick update

Posted by Ad on July 14, 2010

Just saying that I still need a muse, OCR has put up two of my mixes in the past few months, and I’m working on an original album.

Okay, I would be working on my original album, but I need a muse. Need something to get the tracks done. I’ve started a handful of new tracks but most of them are 20-second sound tests or sketches or something. Need to write whole ones too, finish them, and make an album out of it all.

Oh and I should be working on the ocr albums I’m involved in. I could finish my involvement in two of the project with just an hour or two per track. And most of that is load time / rendering / converting.

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