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Posted by Ad on November 2, 2010

While reading a review for Super Meat Boy (which I’m gonna buy once it’s out for mac) on, an ad jumped at me. I’m on my old, slow, laptop, so the ad slowly grew while I had already scrolled down to read, forcing me to scroll back up, assuming there’s a way to close the ad in the upper-right corner as if I was a windows user. And after a click it slowly resizes back into its regular size in the right-side sidebar.

I’m hugely bothered by some ads (and sometimes I bother others, very punny). I used the imagery of a clown running in and yelling “look at me, here I am, this is what’s happening, hey, listen” before, about stuff that get in the way of whatever it is I’d rather be doing. Ads are like that. Same thing when I’m on Gamasutra, kind’a, tho then it’s a flashing, animated, really distracting ad while I’m trying to read a big block of less spectacular text.

It pains me to visit sites whith those double-underlined links that pop up an annoying ad for completely irrelevant, keyword-guessed stuff. It pains me to visit a color-coordinated site with a not quite so coordinated ad. It pains me to have to see another ad of Fiesta’s “too old for my jacket” boy, or any of those stupid online games. If you’re gonna bother me, at least make it something interesting, and make sure it’s not intrusive. I don’t mind ads for Native Instruments stuff on the music sites I visit. I do mind ads for grown-up dress-up games that seem to be a gateway drug to porn (yes imvu, I’ve seen your ads too). And while on the topic of graphic ads, what’s with all the ads that just steal images for movies and stuff. Saw a bunch of them on TVTropes a while back, really not a good impression. And shooting the iPhone to win and iPhone? Stop moving, stop flashing, stop existing!

Much like narrated commersials on TV are overcompressed to the point of sounding like headaches (yes Discovery, and your own ads are the worst), ads on the net are getting more and more in-your-face. Maybe we need regulartion of some kind? Maybe we just need some kind of selective flash-blocking thing (for those annoying flash-based bars that crop up and occupy window space). Maybe I should just start using AdBlock and support my favorite sites with money instead of allowing ads. Maybe that’ll get the sites to stop wasting valuable real estate with crap that make my iPhone surfing really annoying.

Aren’t you supposed to make your products or services appear attractive and appealing rather than make yourselves look obnoxious and disruptive?

On a side note, I’ve been seeing a lot of Fallout: New Vegas ads on those scrolling billboard thingies in Helsinki. Before that, I had seen an FFXIII ad (iirc, it was one of the recent FFs). Before that, nothing. Games are expanding, which is interesting. If they instead had ppl running up to me and slapping me in the face I’d be much less interested.


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