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The 3d trend

Posted by Ad on November 3, 2010

Avatar was spectacular. Not good, jsut decent and a spectacle you had to see in 3d. Much like fireworks are that thing you gotta see, not for a compelling story or anything, just for the spectacle. Same with movies where the script could be a list detailing in what order stuff blows up, and how. A spectacular effects extravaganza. Avatar’s cool alien world and 3D made it a spectacle. Otherwise it wasn’t that big a deal. (we’ve all seen the story before, right?)

I can see two benefits with 3D in games. And by 3D I mean the stereoscope thing, not the Mario 64 thing. First, it’ll make platformers easier. Platformers and 3d has always been a mess of looking down when you jump, or assuming the level designer had designed the jump you wanna do as something you can do. Second, people that don’t know better will buy the next big thing, which means 3D games will rake in money. Oh and you need a 3D TV for it. More money to someone. All it’ll cost game devs is the cost it takes to add a second virtual camera a few inches beside the first one, and send its picture to a second video output thingy. There’s no such thing as free money, but this comes pretty close.

An FPS dev, Jared Gerritzen, says 3D is the new big thing in FPSs. As immersive as it may be, I’d be much more interested in a clean design and a story with options. Non-linearity. Consequences. Big consequences for little things. Don’t save person X, lose valuable intel, don’t get backup at location x; strangle/stab enemy X, which alerts the enemies when enemy X doesn’t report in; steal car, speed, get your ass busted, be on Cops.

While on the topic of cars, I’ve had this idea of taking what Need for Speed has been doing with infractions and taking it to the next level: cost. Add people, make them sue for personal or property damage. Add infractions that are kind’a silly (in an underground racing kind of driving game at least) like running a red light and driving on the wrong side of the road or on the sidewalk. See how much it’d cost to do this stuff. See what a court of law would think about a wheel-bound serial killer.

I miss Carmageddon.


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