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Don’t fix what isn’t broken

Posted by Ad on November 16, 2010

Begin rant.

I just noticed Google’s search result pages can be navigated with just the arrow keys. That’s great if you’re not used to the arrow keys letting you scroll the page, something I’ve been using them for. Which works on pretty much all other pages on the net.

Arrowing up to the search field puts you into writing mode, and you can’t arrow out. Not on Safari, anyways. While being locked into a text field (or as YouTube likes to do, the controls of the video) is annoying, not being able to scroll the way you’re used to is worse. While I favor mouse-less options for just about everything, this is just annoying.

While I doubt this behavior is unintentional, I still wanna make use of the phrase “it’s not a bug, it’s a feature”, tho here it’s more of a bug. It’s bugging me.

Don’t fix what isn’t broken? Yeah, pretty much. Seems like Google wants its search engine to be available to ppl in more ways, thus inconvenient to those used to a previous behavior. It’s basically the same as when I upgraded from Logic 7 to Logic 8, and ended up with a cluttered, messy interface on my laptop screen. Granted, it works all right on larger resolutions on my 24” desktop machine, but it’s still annoying.

The changing of some of its behavior to force ppl to use this new interface was also pretty annoying, I still don’t like not being able to set it to open a midi region in the piano roll window but being forced to use the much smaller piano roll tab. “But you can resize the tab”, a Logic interface designer might say. In response, I say “how about you come over and resize my laptop screen, then”.

This all, I guess, is a symptom of the technology pushing towards more features, not improved stability and functionality. Much like phone batteries these days last about a day when we use phones for all kinds of unimportant stuff. Play music, play games, whatever. Then, when you need to call someone, your phone dies. Thank you, technology.

So what should we do? Well, I wouldn’t mind a plain browser, or the option to switch off all these annoying extra features. Google got big partly because of a design philosophy of simplicity. I want a browser that reflects that philosophy. And a search engine that behaves accordingly.

Hm, nobody says I have to use Google.

End rant.


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