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Posted by Ad on November 17, 2010

When my sister claims my computer for her video editing projects (which I at some point encounraged), I grab the laptop and sit in front of the TV. Today, I see two commersials that stand out.

One was a McDonald’s Big Bacon/Big Tasty ad. Dunno how international those products are, and am too lazy to look it up, but the commersial was terrible. Black and white flashy blinking stuff, fast cuts, and a pong reference arbitrarily thrown in. An overcompressed breakbeat being ducked under an overcompressed voiceover. Ouch. While on this topic, while I’m in front of the tv: CSI’s intro isn’t much better, more flashy tho less audio problems.

The other commersial was  BMW ad that was pleasantly dynamic in audio and enjoyably cut. Unfortunately, the TV volume was slightly down so as to not wreck my ears from all the crappily overcompressed commersials, so I couldn’t hear what car model it was or anything.

This is a problem. There should be a national standard for how loud and obnoxious a commersial can be and still be allowed on air. There should be a standard for volume and how the sound has been processed.

On a related note, I tried out a tv show delivery service called Voddler. Good image quality, good speed, localized commersials… but unskippable, forced fullscreen, same commersials between episodes. Not worth watching on the computer. The shows themselves aren’t forced to fullscreen, but those I wouldn’t mind as much. Nice try, but legally questionable alternatives are still more convenient.


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