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These terms only appear in links pointing to this page

Posted by Ad on May 7, 2011

Post title is from almost any page with me in it, supposedly. When I check out the page google has cached, it says… well, the above message. Apparently, I’m on some pages linking to random artists I have no relation to, have never heard of, and that hardly have  music I enjoy. And when I click on a link, I’m not even on there.

Cindy Gomez…? Apparently, Someone’s using my name to link to her. Either someone who likes her also likes me, which isn’t all that weird since she sang on the Prince of Persia Sands of Time soundtrack… the video game, thatis. It’s either that, which I somehow doubt is all there is to it, or this is another side to the whole SEO linkfarm spamdexing shit that’s all over the net.

Google, please make a search algorithm that recognizes link farms and stuff like that for what they are. Optionally, someone point me to a better search engine. Not Bing. I said better. You know, when I use multiple search terms, I might actually wanna find a page with all search terms. Not this. (if you’re not seeing what I’m seeing, ask Google about THIS)

On that note, some of the results I get that actually do contain both me and her seem to think we’re similar artists.


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