Rozovian’s Music Log

Oldskool music

Posted by Ad on August 16, 2011

Okay so, my own album work is going slow, and I’m thinking I have a bit too high a concept for the album I’ve been trying to make since June… so I’ll probably just do a compilation of whatever original works I think sound okay together. Just gotta finish them. Ugh…

Anyway, while on the topic of album work, here’s something totally different. Lots of Motoi Sakuraba-influenced tracks made with exposed synths and oldskool console game sounds, it’s Meteocrity Volume 1, an album by a friend of mine. I’ve been playing it i nthe background while working on non-music things from time to time, it’s great background music as it conjures up lots of game images but without being so specific as to draw you straight to a game, a level, a moment in the game. I guess it’s meta-vgm or something.

Did I mention it’s free? Well, now I did. Go get it.


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