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b0rked, b0rked is the Great Google

Posted by Ad on March 31, 2013

I recently updated some of my instruments, those from native Instruments at least. Not much problem there. Didn’t remember my password, so I asked for a new one and waiting in my gmail inbox. For a while. Then tried again. And again. Nothing. It wasn’t until I searched my inboxes that I found that everything from NI (and pretty much all other music sites) are automatically thrown into a separate music inbox for all those incessant promotional newslettery things they keep sending out. As if my inbox wasn’t getting enough junk already. Anyone, I found my temporary password and finally got to download the updates. And not much trouble there, although I do appreciate Steam’s internal updating of everything over having to download separate installers for every product. Where is Steam for audio software?

Anyway, I get back to my music, and didn’t think much about the update. I notice something sounding weird about some of my tracks. Not all the projects I’m working on, just a few. As if an instrument or two had reset to some weird new settings unlike what they were saved as. That couldn’t happen, could it? Yes it could.

Absynth, one of Native Instruments coolest, weirdest synths, has b0rked. My cool ambient sounds? b0rked. Complex leads? b0rked. Good thing it wasn’t FM8 that b0rked, since I use that way more than Absynth. Gotta love that FM sound. But this whole mess with Absynth bothered me enough to turn to teh internets for a solution. Here’s where stupid shines:

Google has b0rked.

I don’t mean that you can’t find the obvious things any moron can type into a search bar, I mean that if you search for something, anything remotely and tangentially related will crop up in the search. The other day, I was searching for a solution to a mouse/trackball-related problem. I tried limiting it to unix/terminal commands, but then I got stuff that had nothing to do with OSX despite both mac and osx being keywords. I tried using scrollball as a search word, but then I only get junk about Apple’s Mighty Mouse. Trackpad? Laptop results. Trackball? Some arcade golf game control schematic. After a while I just gave up and went to screw with the settings on Logitech’s own control panel instead. Far from ideal, but I can live with it.

For fun, I wanted to see the world as centered on different poles. What if the Mediterranean was the north pole? What if the pacific was a pole? I downloaded a map and started screwing around in Gimp, getting all kinds of fun distortions that approached what I wanted, except in the wrong way. So I turned to Google. There must be someone who’s done maps like that… but Google instead thinks I mean “any map of Earth, maybe centered on the north or south pole”. Other searches yield more perplexing and stupid results.

This isn’t even a new thing, but I’m getting sick of it. I made a remix of one of the newer Mana series games a while back, for one of the AOCC albums, but I forgot the game. No problem, I’ll search for my artist name on YouTube, someone must have uploaded it to YouTube. Minecraft videos. A gazillion Minecraft videos where my music may have been used as background music. Yay. -minecraft, then. All my other remixes. Okay, +mana, then. A gazillion of other people’s remixes of the mana games. No!

I’ve tried a few other search engines, but I’ve yet to find one I like enough. Any suggestions are welcome.

Also, if you’ve found a solution to the Absynth problem, link me up. Also, tell me what arcane magic you used to find it, cuz I refuse to believe Google did it.

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