Rozovian’s Music Log

About Rozovian and the blog

I’m Ad, aka Rozovian, I make music. Some of my arrangements can be found on ocremix. I like video game music, and that’s the music I’m making. My originals are inspired by it, I spend a little too much time arranging existing vgm, and I’m looking to score _your_ game. If you’re making one. 😉

I’m a perfectionist with a strained economy, stuck between a sparse selection of high-quality products and whatever freebies I can get my hands on. Much of my free time I spend on OverClocked ReMix, either listening to the works of others and helping them grow, or listening to the works of others to train my ears.

My approach to scoring involves getting a feel for the pace and mood of the game and sketch out a sound that works. In addition, I like stories that aren’t told heavy-handedly but instead through the art and music, so my focus would ideally be to contribute to the story through leitmotifs and emotional landscaping. As much as I like stories, I prefer gameplay.

Educationwise, I spent 3 years studying media, including photography, cinema, web design (I should make a better site for myself), audio, etc. That’s the only relevant education I have. The most valuable things I learned during that time is how all elements of a production need to be focused on the same goal.

I’m also one of the coordinators for the Seiken Densetsu 3 remix project over on ocremix, which has been in the works longer than i’ve been involved with it and should be completed soon.

DAW: Logic
main commersial tools: Komplete 6, Omnisphere, Superior Drummer, Pianoteq
main freebies:  LFX-1310, CamelCrusher, TAL synths, FreeAlpha

So far, I’ve scored a number (1) of games:

Space Exploration: Serpens Sector

I would have written this all in third person like all the professionals out there, but that’s just not my style. 😀

This is my english/international blog, my personal blog is in some other language. 😀 I’m posting here about my thoughts on video games, music, video game music, and about the things I’m doing… when I’m not busy doing those things.

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