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Blog post will resume in 30 seconds…

Posted by Ad on June 4, 2012

I’m just gonna drop a little note here, nothing long. It’s just something that’s bothered me for a while now. Video ads.

Anyone who thinks a 30-second ad for a 3-minute vid isn’t gonna make ppl hate their product has to be making something as good as the Avengers, which they probably aren’t. Anyone putting 15-second video ads before vids should at least be making something new and interesting, but I get romantic comedy trailers and random car ads. Isn’t data mining supposed to show me more targeted ads, like games and albums and movies and shows and audio tech and other stuff I actually use?

This is the internet. ppl want to get their content right away. Even a 10-sec intro to a video can be enough to turn ppl away. Watching the Escapist’s various videos, I find that I nowadays just skip 10-15 seconds into the vid. On the other hand, the long intro is an appreciated break between unwanted and wanted content, so I have some margin for when I move from the other window back to the vid. Yeah and I mute during ads.

On that note, I thought we got away from terrible auto-play things, but Forbes (who otherwise seem to be smart enough to not put up paywalls) has one of those things playing whenever I hit their site. Their site consisting of mostly articles to be read. Some sites want to loads tons of little media players and flash things. It’s almost like the internet when I first got on it, except it was midi on ad-riddled geocities and angelfire pages back then.

And apparently, there’s 72 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute. Quantity over quality. Makes me a little sad.

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Washington Post vs. Safari

Posted by Ad on October 10, 2011

I’ve been following the Occupy Wall Street thing since I got wind of it last week. I think it’s a great thing, tho what results it’ll yield, when, and at what cost remains to be seen. But at least they’re shining a spotlight on some issues in how the economy looks. Really, money makes the world go round.

But I’ve been having some problems following the thing. I’ve had a few crashes while reading news sites. The Washington Post is one of those sites that without fail crashes Safari for me. Just to be sure, I fired up the site on my iPhone, let it load, and waited. Then the screen went black and returned to the menu. On my laptop, Safari just hangs, and I must force quit. Granted, my laptop is old, and I haven’t updated to the most recent version of Safari (see last post for one of the reasons why), but my phone’s OS and Safari are kept up to date.

While I doubt the Washington Post web crew are anti-Apple (especially with Steve Jobs’ recent death) or deliberately setting up their site to crash browsers and drive readers to other outlets, it’s symptomatic of a problem that a lot of sites has: clutter. Fancy new flashtastic features that most users don’t notice until it bothers them somehow, and clutter. Back in the day, most search engines filled their front page with categories and options, while Google stood apart with its simple, clean, and quickly loaded page. Today, even Google’s filling up their pages with clutter, tho it has the foresight to not load the stupid preview thing on the outdated Safari version on my old laptop.

Really, too many sites today are full of junk. Long pages that take too long to load on a phone, full of superfluous bloatware that crash browsers or that just slow everything down. I might have mentioned‘s terrible, terrible ad before. It covered the whole window, and I had to take a moment to look for the “close ad” button. Not good design, not a good user experience. Many sites use a networking bar at the bottom of the page, one of my favorite sites the Escapist is one of them. Obtrusive and annoying, not just on old computers.

Seriously, while some machines have a lot of real estate on their screens, laptops, the more and more ubiqutious pads, and of course phones, have small screens. Sure, I get to about 2.5 megapixels on my desktop machine, but my iphone? Way less. (Sure, you can zoom, but that requires you to change your grip or else you’ll get tendonitis or something from trying.)

So, websites need to be smaller and less demanding for a few simple reasons:

– small screen devices
– compatibility / not crashing
– not annoying users

Rant over.

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Oldskool music

Posted by Ad on August 16, 2011

Okay so, my own album work is going slow, and I’m thinking I have a bit too high a concept for the album I’ve been trying to make since June… so I’ll probably just do a compilation of whatever original works I think sound okay together. Just gotta finish them. Ugh…

Anyway, while on the topic of album work, here’s something totally different. Lots of Motoi Sakuraba-influenced tracks made with exposed synths and oldskool console game sounds, it’s Meteocrity Volume 1, an album by a friend of mine. I’ve been playing it i nthe background while working on non-music things from time to time, it’s great background music as it conjures up lots of game images but without being so specific as to draw you straight to a game, a level, a moment in the game. I guess it’s meta-vgm or something.

Did I mention it’s free? Well, now I did. Go get it.

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These terms only appear in links pointing to this page

Posted by Ad on May 7, 2011

Post title is from almost any page with me in it, supposedly. When I check out the page google has cached, it says… well, the above message. Apparently, I’m on some pages linking to random artists I have no relation to, have never heard of, and that hardly have  music I enjoy. And when I click on a link, I’m not even on there.

Cindy Gomez…? Apparently, Someone’s using my name to link to her. Either someone who likes her also likes me, which isn’t all that weird since she sang on the Prince of Persia Sands of Time soundtrack… the video game, thatis. It’s either that, which I somehow doubt is all there is to it, or this is another side to the whole SEO linkfarm spamdexing shit that’s all over the net.

Google, please make a search algorithm that recognizes link farms and stuff like that for what they are. Optionally, someone point me to a better search engine. Not Bing. I said better. You know, when I use multiple search terms, I might actually wanna find a page with all search terms. Not this. (if you’re not seeing what I’m seeing, ask Google about THIS)

On that note, some of the results I get that actually do contain both me and her seem to think we’re similar artists.

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Posted by Ad on May 6, 2011

So there’s this thing websites do… or actually, the ppl running the websites, do. It’s when they utilize a variety of techniques to make their site seem more popular and more important to search engines. This is bugging me, and has been for some time. I like reading about ppl’s thoughts on my music. I like it when ppl mention me or my music. I like it when I inspire jewelry (really made my day, also mentioned on my twitter).

What I don’t like is having to spend so much time rewriting my searches so I can actually find this. Google’s selective searches do a decent job at filtering out some of the sites that pop up, but how do I know I’m not missing out on sites with genuine interst in my work?

So instead of blog and forum posts that mention my music, I get hundreds of free mp3 sites that offer for free a free mp3 of my music as free mp3s. I can’t think of any way it’s ethical to distribute my music on a site that does more to get in the way of my searches than to actually provide ppl with my music. I tried out a few of them, and in most cases they wanted me to install some executable. Even if this isn’t spyware of some kind, most of my music atm is free and shouldn’t require any hoops to get to. Especially not when someone else stands more to gain from those hoops than I do. I mean, I made the music.

And they hide behind the “we just provide access to the content, it’s not on our servers” excuse. I can understand the youtube newb uploading an album or music video of his/her favorite band/artist without considering this is possible sales and views lost from the artist/band (then again, piracy does increase interest and thus sales… at least with Minecraft). This is done out of appreciation for the music. Ripping game contents to share with other enthusiasts and provide a resource for potential enthusiasts? Fine with me. The modding community? I kind’a wanna join it. Free mp3 download for free get rozovian music free download downloads? Leave my music alone you soulless webcrawling zombie algorithms.

When I have an album out, I’ll want ppl to buy it. I’ll want ppl to tell me what they think. I’ll want ppl to stream it from places where I actually get some revenue back. I want _people_ to hear it. I want ppl to hear it from _me_, not from some spamtastic adful directory (that looks like crap anyway).

Some years ago, the only web find for “rozovian” was some Russian philosophy book (not why I chose the name). Then I got on fictionpress with my teen ambitions, I had a depressing blog about being me as a teen, I had a account with two semi-decent original tracks, and I had some accounts on some forums. And then ocremix happened. Now I’m all over the web. Almost every mention of “rozovian” online is me and my ocremix tracks. For better or worse. Even that vid of some dude’s oil change tutorial with my music in the background is all over the place. And apparently on every other oil-related site out there spamming themselves with quasi-related content in order to look important to Google.

At least ocremix is big enough to be the top result for “rozovian”. At least for me.

And yes, I’m intentionally adding lots of links to me. Not accidentally. I want the algorithms to know they’re all me, and think they’re all more important. At least more important that free mp3s blah blah blah.

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Posted by Ad on November 17, 2010

When my sister claims my computer for her video editing projects (which I at some point encounraged), I grab the laptop and sit in front of the TV. Today, I see two commersials that stand out.

One was a McDonald’s Big Bacon/Big Tasty ad. Dunno how international those products are, and am too lazy to look it up, but the commersial was terrible. Black and white flashy blinking stuff, fast cuts, and a pong reference arbitrarily thrown in. An overcompressed breakbeat being ducked under an overcompressed voiceover. Ouch. While on this topic, while I’m in front of the tv: CSI’s intro isn’t much better, more flashy tho less audio problems.

The other commersial was  BMW ad that was pleasantly dynamic in audio and enjoyably cut. Unfortunately, the TV volume was slightly down so as to not wreck my ears from all the crappily overcompressed commersials, so I couldn’t hear what car model it was or anything.

This is a problem. There should be a national standard for how loud and obnoxious a commersial can be and still be allowed on air. There should be a standard for volume and how the sound has been processed.

On a related note, I tried out a tv show delivery service called Voddler. Good image quality, good speed, localized commersials… but unskippable, forced fullscreen, same commersials between episodes. Not worth watching on the computer. The shows themselves aren’t forced to fullscreen, but those I wouldn’t mind as much. Nice try, but legally questionable alternatives are still more convenient.

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