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Too Much Music

Posted by Ad on May 19, 2009

Not a reference to Much Music or the finnish equivalent Jyrki (the mere mention is evidence that I used to be young and that it was quite a while ago). I’m talking about last Saturday. Woke up and got ready for a light gig for a relative’s Rammstein cover concert… which was ok, hard to judge with earplugs and focusing on timing the lights right. Then I hurried home for the Eurovision Song Contest. Family tradition, one of the few things we still got that everyone in the family still cares for.

After the first set of votes had been revealed, I sort’a knew Norway was gonna win. Congrats to Norway, it did win… but it wasn’t very exciting. 😦  Norway’s song was one of those hate-love things. Both myself and my siblings found the singer to be a bit creepy, a bit psychotic, but my mom thought he was charming. Apparently a lot of moms were voting all over Europe. Iceland and Azerbaijan did well, and Estonia didn’t do badly either. Finland ended surprisingly, but not unusually low. Hm… was there more songs that I liked…? Moldova had a fun song. 😀 (tho nothing can top this awesome classic)

Anyway, tonight I was listening to Jonathan Coulton, some old mods (Armadon and Necros), and wondering which song I should submit next to OCR. It’s cool to have a lot to do with music… I just want an actual job where I can put my music interest and skill to good use.

If only I knew how to sing and play piano, then I could be a music teacher. Hm… Wonder if that’s still a requirement…

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