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The Internets is full of stupid

Posted by Ad on December 25, 2011

You know how my Blogger account is posted to whenever I feel like it? You know how I use my msn email for stuff? You know how I hang out on vgmusic? No?

Well I don’t. I use WordPress and gmail, and hang out on ocremix.

I recently got myself a bandcamp account to make sure no impostor claims rozovian.bandcamp, but I wasn’t sure if I could use it because Teosto, the music copyright group and royalty collection thing of Finland prevents its members from using it. I’m not a member, but if I want my music on TV, I gotta join some organization like that, and as I live in Finland, that one is the obvious choice. Except I apparently can’t use bandcamp if I join Teosto. Whatever, I’ll figure something out, suggestions welcome.

But while trying to find ppl who’ve discussed bandcamp and Teosto, Google decided I was looking for myspace as well. Granted, MySpace would present a similar scenario, but I was looking for bandcamp/Teosto stuff specifically. I’m glad there’s a verbatim search feature on Google, but there’s no options in between. Say I’m also looking for the words Teoston and Teostolla (Finnish for Toesto’s, Teosto has, belonging to Teosto)… but not myspace. having to write out every permutation and adding OR in between them all is not practical.

While there’s certainly a lot of improvements to Google, there’s a lot of junk in today’s Google that I not only don’t use, but am bothered by when I’m just looking to search for something.

Dear Google, I’m glad you strive to not be evil. Please avoid inconveniencing your users, too.

(Get rid of the stupid site preview, and add an option to remove spammy aggregator sites from the search results.)

On a related note, surfing on a pre-Intel Mac laptop is getting slow, likewise on a pre-4 iPhone. Dunno how much of this is the fault of Apple trying to give everyone the newest and flashiest OS and browser, and how much is the fault of web designers making their sites flashy and ultimately ridiculous to view on the phone. My home parish/whatever updated their website the other day. Now I can’t scroll on their pages, and can’t get to the links to the pdf bus schedules.

Dear internets, please stop being stupid.

(I wish.)

Wait, how do I see which tags I usually use? WordPress…!! Internets, stop inconveniencing ppl with flashy new stuff that screws stuff up. Where are the categories?

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Getting pro-er

Posted by Ad on September 2, 2009

Apparently, a game I did sound effects for – Β for free, unfortunately πŸ˜‰ – was on gamescom recently. A student from a media design school posted on ocremix about needing music and sound effects, and i said I could help out. Feels great to play the game, hearing my own sounds. Yeah, just sounds, I did no music for that game.

The game is basically a rock-paper-scissors RTS game. I need to play a bit more, learn how it works. Currently I’m not doing too well. Need to figure out how to capture bases. I might post a link to the game once they’ve implemented a few currently missing features and possibly added more sound effects. πŸ˜€

So now I can say I’ve got a toe in the door of video game audio… Doesn’t feel significant enough to say I’ve got a foot in the door, but a toe… yeah, no doubt about that. πŸ˜€ A step in the right direction.

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