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b0rked, b0rked is the Great Google

Posted by Ad on March 31, 2013

I recently updated some of my instruments, those from native Instruments at least. Not much problem there. Didn’t remember my password, so I asked for a new one and waiting in my gmail inbox. For a while. Then tried again. And again. Nothing. It wasn’t until I searched my inboxes that I found that everything from NI (and pretty much all other music sites) are automatically thrown into a separate music inbox for all those incessant promotional newslettery things they keep sending out. As if my inbox wasn’t getting enough junk already. Anyone, I found my temporary password and finally got to download the updates. And not much trouble there, although I do appreciate Steam’s internal updating of everything over having to download separate installers for every product. Where is Steam for audio software?

Anyway, I get back to my music, and didn’t think much about the update. I notice something sounding weird about some of my tracks. Not all the projects I’m working on, just a few. As if an instrument or two had reset to some weird new settings unlike what they were saved as. That couldn’t happen, could it? Yes it could.

Absynth, one of Native Instruments coolest, weirdest synths, has b0rked. My cool ambient sounds? b0rked. Complex leads? b0rked. Good thing it wasn’t FM8 that b0rked, since I use that way more than Absynth. Gotta love that FM sound. But this whole mess with Absynth bothered me enough to turn to teh internets for a solution. Here’s where stupid shines:

Google has b0rked.

I don’t mean that you can’t find the obvious things any moron can type into a search bar, I mean that if you search for something, anything remotely and tangentially related will crop up in the search. The other day, I was searching for a solution to a mouse/trackball-related problem. I tried limiting it to unix/terminal commands, but then I got stuff that had nothing to do with OSX despite both mac and osx being keywords. I tried using scrollball as a search word, but then I only get junk about Apple’s Mighty Mouse. Trackpad? Laptop results. Trackball? Some arcade golf game control schematic. After a while I just gave up and went to screw with the settings on Logitech’s own control panel instead. Far from ideal, but I can live with it.

For fun, I wanted to see the world as centered on different poles. What if the Mediterranean was the north pole? What if the pacific was a pole? I downloaded a map and started screwing around in Gimp, getting all kinds of fun distortions that approached what I wanted, except in the wrong way. So I turned to Google. There must be someone who’s done maps like that… but Google instead thinks I mean “any map of Earth, maybe centered on the north or south pole”. Other searches yield more perplexing and stupid results.

This isn’t even a new thing, but I’m getting sick of it. I made a remix of one of the newer Mana series games a while back, for one of the AOCC albums, but I forgot the game. No problem, I’ll search for my artist name on YouTube, someone must have uploaded it to YouTube. Minecraft videos. A gazillion Minecraft videos where my music may have been used as background music. Yay. -minecraft, then. All my other remixes. Okay, +mana, then. A gazillion of other people’s remixes of the mana games. No!

I’ve tried a few other search engines, but I’ve yet to find one I like enough. Any suggestions are welcome.

Also, if you’ve found a solution to the Absynth problem, link me up. Also, tell me what arcane magic you used to find it, cuz I refuse to believe Google did it.


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The Internets is full of stupid

Posted by Ad on December 25, 2011

This is how stupid the internets are. In trying to _edit_ my last post to remove a remark about WordPress, I posted another one instead. See the previous post for what I wrote pertaining to the tags and categories of this one.

This post is _only_ about WordPress screwing up. I like WordPress, but YOU DO NOT PUT FLASHY NEW THINGS THAT ARE BORKED IN THE WAY OF FUNCTIONAL OLD THINGS. Really. Here’s what happened:

New post page. Okay, let’s try it. I write the stuff here… not difficult. Oh, live preview. That’ll work greeeaaat on my old computer, when i blog from there. I add the tags down here… I miss the list of the tags I often use, I’d hate to have variations of the same thing show up as separate tags… Categories, where…? Post. Okay fine. I’ll go edit it to get that right.

Oh, nice, the old editor. Edit tags, edit categories, remove the last remarks, they’re unnecessary… Publish? This is a draft? Okay fine, I’ll publish it now. What, -of-stupid-2 in the permalink thingy? This is a double post? Check blog. Oh great. Back to edit, and write… this.

In other words, this is a good example of how fixing things that aren’t borked borks things. Grr.

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The Internets is full of stupid

Posted by Ad on December 25, 2011

You know how my Blogger account is posted to whenever I feel like it? You know how I use my msn email for stuff? You know how I hang out on vgmusic? No?

Well I don’t. I use WordPress and gmail, and hang out on ocremix.

I recently got myself a bandcamp account to make sure no impostor claims rozovian.bandcamp, but I wasn’t sure if I could use it because Teosto, the music copyright group and royalty collection thing of Finland prevents its members from using it. I’m not a member, but if I want my music on TV, I gotta join some organization like that, and as I live in Finland, that one is the obvious choice. Except I apparently can’t use bandcamp if I join Teosto. Whatever, I’ll figure something out, suggestions welcome.

But while trying to find ppl who’ve discussed bandcamp and Teosto, Google decided I was looking for myspace as well. Granted, MySpace would present a similar scenario, but I was looking for bandcamp/Teosto stuff specifically. I’m glad there’s a verbatim search feature on Google, but there’s no options in between. Say I’m also looking for the words Teoston and Teostolla (Finnish for Toesto’s, Teosto has, belonging to Teosto)… but not myspace. having to write out every permutation and adding OR in between them all is not practical.

While there’s certainly a lot of improvements to Google, there’s a lot of junk in today’s Google that I not only don’t use, but am bothered by when I’m just looking to search for something.

Dear Google, I’m glad you strive to not be evil. Please avoid inconveniencing your users, too.

(Get rid of the stupid site preview, and add an option to remove spammy aggregator sites from the search results.)

On a related note, surfing on a pre-Intel Mac laptop is getting slow, likewise on a pre-4 iPhone. Dunno how much of this is the fault of Apple trying to give everyone the newest and flashiest OS and browser, and how much is the fault of web designers making their sites flashy and ultimately ridiculous to view on the phone. My home parish/whatever updated their website the other day. Now I can’t scroll on their pages, and can’t get to the links to the pdf bus schedules.

Dear internets, please stop being stupid.

(I wish.)

Wait, how do I see which tags I usually use? WordPress…!! Internets, stop inconveniencing ppl with flashy new stuff that screws stuff up. Where are the categories?

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These terms only appear in links pointing to this page

Posted by Ad on May 7, 2011

Post title is from almost any page with me in it, supposedly. When I check out the page google has cached, it says… well, the above message. Apparently, I’m on some pages linking to random artists I have no relation to, have never heard of, and that hardly have  music I enjoy. And when I click on a link, I’m not even on there.

Cindy Gomez…? Apparently, Someone’s using my name to link to her. Either someone who likes her also likes me, which isn’t all that weird since she sang on the Prince of Persia Sands of Time soundtrack… the video game, thatis. It’s either that, which I somehow doubt is all there is to it, or this is another side to the whole SEO linkfarm spamdexing shit that’s all over the net.

Google, please make a search algorithm that recognizes link farms and stuff like that for what they are. Optionally, someone point me to a better search engine. Not Bing. I said better. You know, when I use multiple search terms, I might actually wanna find a page with all search terms. Not this. (if you’re not seeing what I’m seeing, ask Google about THIS)

On that note, some of the results I get that actually do contain both me and her seem to think we’re similar artists.

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Posted by Ad on May 6, 2011

So there’s this thing websites do… or actually, the ppl running the websites, do. It’s when they utilize a variety of techniques to make their site seem more popular and more important to search engines. This is bugging me, and has been for some time. I like reading about ppl’s thoughts on my music. I like it when ppl mention me or my music. I like it when I inspire jewelry (really made my day, also mentioned on my twitter).

What I don’t like is having to spend so much time rewriting my searches so I can actually find this. Google’s selective searches do a decent job at filtering out some of the sites that pop up, but how do I know I’m not missing out on sites with genuine interst in my work?

So instead of blog and forum posts that mention my music, I get hundreds of free mp3 sites that offer for free a free mp3 of my music as free mp3s. I can’t think of any way it’s ethical to distribute my music on a site that does more to get in the way of my searches than to actually provide ppl with my music. I tried out a few of them, and in most cases they wanted me to install some executable. Even if this isn’t spyware of some kind, most of my music atm is free and shouldn’t require any hoops to get to. Especially not when someone else stands more to gain from those hoops than I do. I mean, I made the music.

And they hide behind the “we just provide access to the content, it’s not on our servers” excuse. I can understand the youtube newb uploading an album or music video of his/her favorite band/artist without considering this is possible sales and views lost from the artist/band (then again, piracy does increase interest and thus sales… at least with Minecraft). This is done out of appreciation for the music. Ripping game contents to share with other enthusiasts and provide a resource for potential enthusiasts? Fine with me. The modding community? I kind’a wanna join it. Free mp3 download for free get rozovian music free download downloads? Leave my music alone you soulless webcrawling zombie algorithms.

When I have an album out, I’ll want ppl to buy it. I’ll want ppl to tell me what they think. I’ll want ppl to stream it from places where I actually get some revenue back. I want _people_ to hear it. I want ppl to hear it from _me_, not from some spamtastic adful directory (that looks like crap anyway).

Some years ago, the only web find for “rozovian” was some Russian philosophy book (not why I chose the name). Then I got on fictionpress with my teen ambitions, I had a depressing blog about being me as a teen, I had a account with two semi-decent original tracks, and I had some accounts on some forums. And then ocremix happened. Now I’m all over the web. Almost every mention of “rozovian” online is me and my ocremix tracks. For better or worse. Even that vid of some dude’s oil change tutorial with my music in the background is all over the place. And apparently on every other oil-related site out there spamming themselves with quasi-related content in order to look important to Google.

At least ocremix is big enough to be the top result for “rozovian”. At least for me.

And yes, I’m intentionally adding lots of links to me. Not accidentally. I want the algorithms to know they’re all me, and think they’re all more important. At least more important that free mp3s blah blah blah.

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Don’t fix what isn’t broken

Posted by Ad on November 16, 2010

Begin rant.

I just noticed Google’s search result pages can be navigated with just the arrow keys. That’s great if you’re not used to the arrow keys letting you scroll the page, something I’ve been using them for. Which works on pretty much all other pages on the net.

Arrowing up to the search field puts you into writing mode, and you can’t arrow out. Not on Safari, anyways. While being locked into a text field (or as YouTube likes to do, the controls of the video) is annoying, not being able to scroll the way you’re used to is worse. While I favor mouse-less options for just about everything, this is just annoying.

While I doubt this behavior is unintentional, I still wanna make use of the phrase “it’s not a bug, it’s a feature”, tho here it’s more of a bug. It’s bugging me.

Don’t fix what isn’t broken? Yeah, pretty much. Seems like Google wants its search engine to be available to ppl in more ways, thus inconvenient to those used to a previous behavior. It’s basically the same as when I upgraded from Logic 7 to Logic 8, and ended up with a cluttered, messy interface on my laptop screen. Granted, it works all right on larger resolutions on my 24” desktop machine, but it’s still annoying.

The changing of some of its behavior to force ppl to use this new interface was also pretty annoying, I still don’t like not being able to set it to open a midi region in the piano roll window but being forced to use the much smaller piano roll tab. “But you can resize the tab”, a Logic interface designer might say. In response, I say “how about you come over and resize my laptop screen, then”.

This all, I guess, is a symptom of the technology pushing towards more features, not improved stability and functionality. Much like phone batteries these days last about a day when we use phones for all kinds of unimportant stuff. Play music, play games, whatever. Then, when you need to call someone, your phone dies. Thank you, technology.

So what should we do? Well, I wouldn’t mind a plain browser, or the option to switch off all these annoying extra features. Google got big partly because of a design philosophy of simplicity. I want a browser that reflects that philosophy. And a search engine that behaves accordingly.

Hm, nobody says I have to use Google.

End rant.

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