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Stupid Creativity

Posted by Ad on November 18, 2011

I make music. I make video game music remixes; new arrangements for (usually) old games. Some people like my work. I easily get stuck with my songs, having written half of it, and getting tired of it. Whether it’s remixes or my original work, I just hit a point where I can’t get anything done.

Instead of sitting and doing nothing, my brain switches to some other creative mode, getting me interested in something else for a while. I go back to stories, writing, fiction, worldbuilding, and from there to just about anything. I might come up with an idea that would make a great movie or TV show, or a great computer/console game, or a great board game (less risk of appearing on torrent sites), or a great book, or a great… idunno, comic book?

Now, I could pursue a career in writing for these media, but I fear that’d take me away from doing what I love doing… and I don’t even know what I love doing. Maybe I love telling stories. Maybe I love to build things. Maybe I love entertaining. Maybe I love educating. Maybe I love expressing myself. Maybe I love putting hidden messages in everything I do to manipulate ppl into doing… something.

I realized the other day that despite my liking of video games, it’s not what I wanna spend the rest of my life making. Yes, I wanna make video games. Yes, I have more than a handful of ideas. Yes, I have stories I wanna tell through video games. Yes, I have game mechanics I wanna make use of. Yes, I think my games would be pretty good.

But I also want to write a couple of books, and I wouldn’t mind making a TV series (tho the thought of letting go of my intellectual property is a little troubling, good thing it’s not something I have to think about). I wanna make some board games. I wanna make lots and lots of music.

I wonder what the best approach is. Naturally, I’d wanna get the remix project I’m heading out of the way before trying to build a career doing something creative, but I should figure out what to do next. Try to make that board game I’ve been sketching out? Try to do something for a real video game (indie, probably)? Isolate myself from everything and everyone to write my book or my music? Try to juggle work, life, creative pursuits and sleep?

In any case, I should get a proper job, tho. I wouldn’t mind one in the game industry, but there’s quite a surplus of ppl who can write stuff or make music. Dunno how to market myself anyway. Sure, I’ve got an almost unique artist name, and ocremix has spread my name all over the net, but how do I actually communicate to the right ppl that I want to make music or write stuff for their game? Who are the right ppl, where are they?

tl;dr: Rozo, stop whining, get a job, learn programming.

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Posted by Ad on November 4, 2010

From time to time, I google myself. It’s interesting to see what crops up then: a mention on a blog, listed in “listening to” references, youtube video clones, free download sites…

As I don’t have anything commersial out there, I don’t have a problem with any of this, but it has me worried. When I release an album, one I wanna earn some dough with, who’s to say it won’t end up uploaded everywhere so everyone can grab everything for free?

The internet is changing. Content creators have to come up with new ideas all the time to get money. Donations, merchandize, concerts, licensing… While some pirates may be pirates of convenience who would pay if it was easy enough – take Steam as a great example of how to deal with pirates of convenience: make buying _more_ convenient – others are pirates of economy or entitlement – they wouldn’t buy at all. Why should they get for free what I worked hard to produce? Spotify kind’a does the same with music as Steam does with games, it makes it convenient. Which reminds me, I should get Spotify. I need new music.

From time to time I deal with ppl with an inflated sense of entitlement on ocremix’ forums; people who expect to be good at music because they have good software, and expect to get their remix posted on ocremix because they made it. Why should they be any different from the ppl who spent years learning to make music? It’s unfair! Well it would be: it took me about a year of learning on ocremix before I got a remix posted, and that was after 5-6 years of making music. Was I annoyed at my first NO? Yes I was. Did that put my sense of entitlement in check? Yes it did. Would it be fair if any n00b with an audio file could get their stuff posted there? No it wouldn’t.

Because a lot of ppl grow up in a world where mom and dad get them whatever they want, and mom and dad have vague jobs somewhere out there, ppl might not make the connection between work and earnings. So ppl grow up with the idea of money as this thing that ppl just have. Not good.

I’ve been thinking about money a lot. With the world economy (and especially the US economy) dropping into the toilet, I looked up all these economy things I never cared for before. I realized there is no money. Money is just a promise of labor, or a proof of labor, depending on how you wanna look at it. Everyone has to work for something to get something. Back in the day, you’d farm your land, you’d get food. Or someone else would farm their land, you’d make them shovels and plows, and you’d get food. Money is the middle man. They give you money for the tools, you give them money for the food.

If I make music for you, don’t I sort of work for you? Shouldn’t I then get paid? Who’s supposed to pay me?

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Getting pro-er

Posted by Ad on September 2, 2009

Apparently, a game I did sound effects for –  for free, unfortunately 😉 – was on gamescom recently. A student from a media design school posted on ocremix about needing music and sound effects, and i said I could help out. Feels great to play the game, hearing my own sounds. Yeah, just sounds, I did no music for that game.

The game is basically a rock-paper-scissors RTS game. I need to play a bit more, learn how it works. Currently I’m not doing too well. Need to figure out how to capture bases. I might post a link to the game once they’ve implemented a few currently missing features and possibly added more sound effects. 😀

So now I can say I’ve got a toe in the door of video game audio… Doesn’t feel significant enough to say I’ve got a foot in the door, but a toe… yeah, no doubt about that. 😀 A step in the right direction.

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Too Much Music

Posted by Ad on May 19, 2009

Not a reference to Much Music or the finnish equivalent Jyrki (the mere mention is evidence that I used to be young and that it was quite a while ago). I’m talking about last Saturday. Woke up and got ready for a light gig for a relative’s Rammstein cover concert… which was ok, hard to judge with earplugs and focusing on timing the lights right. Then I hurried home for the Eurovision Song Contest. Family tradition, one of the few things we still got that everyone in the family still cares for.

After the first set of votes had been revealed, I sort’a knew Norway was gonna win. Congrats to Norway, it did win… but it wasn’t very exciting. 😦  Norway’s song was one of those hate-love things. Both myself and my siblings found the singer to be a bit creepy, a bit psychotic, but my mom thought he was charming. Apparently a lot of moms were voting all over Europe. Iceland and Azerbaijan did well, and Estonia didn’t do badly either. Finland ended surprisingly, but not unusually low. Hm… was there more songs that I liked…? Moldova had a fun song. 😀 (tho nothing can top this awesome classic)

Anyway, tonight I was listening to Jonathan Coulton, some old mods (Armadon and Necros), and wondering which song I should submit next to OCR. It’s cool to have a lot to do with music… I just want an actual job where I can put my music interest and skill to good use.

If only I knew how to sing and play piano, then I could be a music teacher. Hm… Wonder if that’s still a requirement…

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Mass Media Constant

Posted by Ad on April 13, 2009

My half-acquaintance from ocremix zircon has been in ocremix news lately, making ocremix headlines (well, a thread title) by having a track used prominently in Heroes on TV. Licencing ftw.

Been listening a lot to Mass Media Constant, his latest album a bit lately. Not very expensive, and all cool tracks, definitely something I’ll try to learn from.

This post isn’t all about zircon, Steffan Andrews was interviewed by ocremix staff and I realized we’re about the same age. He’s done music for video games, films, and TV. zircon is younger and has also got some impressive credits, and skills.

And then there’s me, with little or no professional credits, little or no pro-level skill, little or no music education… Makes me feel like I’m a bit too late to try to get into the industry.

With music having never been cheaper to produce, there is an abundance of music, and everything is more or less available everywhere anyway thanks to the net. I should be smart and pick a profession that won’t run out of jobs any time soon. But I want to work in music.

“Those who can’t do, teach” some say. Hm…

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