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Blog post will resume in 30 seconds…

Posted by Ad on June 4, 2012

I’m just gonna drop a little note here, nothing long. It’s just something that’s bothered me for a while now. Video ads.

Anyone who thinks a 30-second ad for a 3-minute vid isn’t gonna make ppl hate their product has to be making something as good as the Avengers, which they probably aren’t. Anyone putting 15-second video ads before vids should at least be making something new and interesting, but I get romantic comedy trailers and random car ads. Isn’t data mining supposed to show me more targeted ads, like games and albums and movies and shows and audio tech and other stuff I actually use?

This is the internet. ppl want to get their content right away. Even a 10-sec intro to a video can be enough to turn ppl away. Watching the Escapist’s various videos, I find that I nowadays just skip 10-15 seconds into the vid. On the other hand, the long intro is an appreciated break between unwanted and wanted content, so I have some margin for when I move from the other window back to the vid. Yeah and I mute during ads.

On that note, I thought we got away from terrible auto-play things, but Forbes (who otherwise seem to be smart enough to not put up paywalls) has one of those things playing whenever I hit their site. Their site consisting of mostly articles to be read. Some sites want to loads tons of little media players and flash things. It’s almost like the internet when I first got on it, except it was midi on ad-riddled geocities and angelfire pages back then.

And apparently, there’s 72 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute. Quantity over quality. Makes me a little sad.


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Eat Your Own Blog

Posted by Ad on January 4, 2009

All right, first post… This’ll be my music blog, the international one, one mostly relating to video game music rearrangements (remixes) by me and others as well as original works by me. When I get around to finishing any of those.

Check this out. That’s the second time EYOD was used on youtube… to my knowledge. Feels great to be appreciated that way. Apparently, I make passable music, tho according to some, I named it poorly.

The remix is available for download on All the remixes on the site are free and available for download. No membership costs, download costs, DRM, none of that. Get it, and while you’re at it, have a look at some other remixes.

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